sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2018

Two of my dreams

It’s graduation week! I graduated on Friday and tomorrow I will have a party! I am so excited!

One of my dreams was an exchange year in the US but also, my dream was to graduate from American high school. I did both!! I graduated from high school and I did an exchange that is almost over. I can’t even count anymore with two hands how many times I have cried, too many. I didn’t expect to have this great host family or friends that I have, so actually, it’s hard to say goodbye. When I left Finland, it wasn’t easy either but I almost knew the date when I would be coming back.  Now, I am not sure when we will see each other again.

However, I graduated from high school and it was an amazing night! One of my best days in the US. Well, also my host sister left for Spain for a month so I won’t see her anymore before I leave and I had to say goodbye that felt so hard. Anyway, graduation was so much fun! It wasn’t as fancy and formal as in Finland. AND we threw our caps!!!! 🎓 After graduation we had a grad night and we took a bus there. We spent the last time together with the senior class and there were lots of different games, money machine (you had to try to catch real money) and drawings. It was so much fun!

I will attach some pictures and I will enjoy the rest of my time here! See you soon in Finland, only 10 days!! 

❤️ Vilma

sunnuntai 20. toukokuuta 2018

30 days?!


The last month in the US started yesterday. Today, it's exactly one month until I am back at home. I have 19 days before it's a graduation and only twelve school days! I am so excited for the graduation and can't wait to decorate my cap.

These last weeks have been full of fun. I have hang out with my friends and changed my host family. Also, it was Rhody week in my town and it was really fun! We had special events, carnival and three different parades (I was also in the grand parade (biggest one, it took about 2 hours) with Rotary). In addition, my tennis season is over. I enjoyed to play it and it's sad that all sports are done. Nevertheless, I am glad that I was able to take part in three different sports and I really liked all of them!

I think that most of you want to see pictures of my weeks in the US so I will put pictures instead of text.

Rhody flower

Now it's time to go to bed and tomorrow back to school. Next weekend we have a four-day weekend and I am so excited for that, can't wait! Good night to my American friends and Good morning to Finland!